Small Decals - The Teachers' Collection

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Who is a kickass teacher doing good work? I bet you can name one! Perhaps it's your daughter's math teacher. Or the Vice-Principal that goes above and beyond. This Collection is for them.

These decals (10 in all!) can be gifted to the amazing teachers you know...they are a simple (and cheap!) way to show them gratitude, year-round.

Then they can use them for themselves or stick up around their classroom!

The Teachers' Collection arrives in a bold color palette and includes these 10 (2" x 2") decals:

  • You can't scare me. I'm a teacher.
  • The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.
  • Teaching is a work of heart.
  • Let's eat kids. Let's eat, kids. Punctuation saves lives.
  • Don't make me use my teacher voice.
  • Changing the world, one student at a time.
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Some are teachers.
  • You might be a teacher if...You are thankful that your thought bubble is invisible at staff meetings.
  • Please and thank you are still magic words.
  • There's no greater wisdom than kindness.

This collection comes beautifully packaged – perfect as a quick and easy present!

And we now offer something new: You can now buy each individual decal in bulk, for cheaper! Do you like one particular saying? Buy a 10-pack of the identical decal, to give out to all the teachers! Those packs come in simple plastic bags, so you can store them in your purse. (Simply choose this option above!)

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