October 2021 - Step Up, Speak Up: A 4-Week Online Retreat

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October 2021 - Step Up, Speak Up: A 4-Week Online Retreat

A 4-week online retreat experience for badass women ready to regain their confidence and speak their truth in the world.

Do you know you're destined for more than you're currently experiencing?
Are you afraid to speak up for what you need?
Do you worry that if you really spoke your truth you’d be judged - or lose people and opportunities that are important to you? 

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, please know, my sister, you are not alone. 

Because if you’re anything like me (or many of the extraordinary women in our community), my gut says the last year left you in reaction mode instead of creation mode.

Let's face it: People at work and in your personal life you need your help, your attention, and your expertise (or your constant cooking and laundry skills).

And because you're freaking superwoman, you say: "Yes, I can help you with that."

But maybe - just throwing it out there - you've reached a point where you've forgotten about what you need.

And it's making you real b*tchy. And grumpy. You're in the grind.

You've forgotten how brilliant, and kind, and f*cking awesome you are. You're not in the flow of your creativity and it's sucking you dry.

It's time to shake sh*t up.

It's time to create some change for YOU.

Successfully creating change requires us to speak to ourselves with compassion and self-acceptance so that we believe, with every fiber of our being, that we can take back the role of leader in our own lives. 

And you, my friend, were born to lead. 

I suspect you know this, even if sometimes you forget it. (Even if you completely forgot it - just sayin’).

Think about it. You wouldn’t be where you are - as an entrepreneur, professional, or creative - if you weren’t already stepping into leadership. 

I’m simply here to remind you that YOU are a leader. 

And leaders can do hard things.

They can say hard things.

They can feel hard things - and grow through them. 

For leadership…it’s not only what you say or do with your voice. It’s also how you speak up for yourself. And for others. It’s how you speak to yourself. It’s how you move through what can feel like suffocating discomfort - even when (especially when) it would be easier to stay quiet and small. 

The last year or so likely saw you speaking up by default rather than by design. 

But the world needs you to speak up by design. All. The. Time.

What are the ideas you want to be known for? 
What are the issues pulling at your heart? 
What would it feel like if you could drop down from your head, back into your body, and trust yourself - 100 percent?

And...what would it be like to have mentorship, from yours truly, and a small community of powerful sisters, lovingly taking your hand, guiding you forward and back to the YOU that's been there all along? 

It would be f*cking amazing…wouldn’t it?!

That’s why I hope you’ll join me for Step Up, Speak Up.

Designed for women across industries and sectors who are stepping into leadership in their lives, their way, during our month together you will: 

  • Identify one key area of your life where you want to speak up more powerfully and create a 100% doable “action plan” to make it happen.

  • Practice speaking up for yourself and for your sisters in our group, and remember that speaking up can be easy. A bit scary, yes. But also easy.

  • Receive support from your sisters and know that irrespective of what you are navigating, you’re not alone. You may have been burned before when you spoke up, but we will hold space for you to forgive and release and to open up to sisterhood once again.

  • Cultivate confidence from creating a new habit of speaking up - confidence you can transfer to owning your voice and activating your leadership in any area of your life moving forward. (Spoiler alert: speaking up is going to become addictive! You’re welcome.) 

Through four midweek retreats together, you will join Amanda and up to 6 other women for a once-in-a-lifetime leadership (and soul) reboot as you make stepping up and speaking up a lifelong habit. 


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The Step Up, Speak Up Schedule

(Each Wednesday evening in October we will gather on Zoom from 7:00 - 9:00pm CST/MDT – SK/AB time.)

Every week, during our LIVE, virtual video retreat sessions, you will have the chance to share what’s in your head and your heart. You will be met exactly where you’re at, by Amanda and by the sisters in our group.

You will build confidence - quickly - as you practice speaking up in our group and then speaking up in your life.

And you will leave our gatherings with an “action plan” to use over and over again.



OCTOBER 6, 2021
Week 1: Why are you staying quiet?

During our introductory gathering, we will dive into an area of your life where you are staying quiet. We’ll look at what’s keeping you muted, release stories that are disconnecting you from your voice and power, and shift real and self-imposed barriers into possibilities. (While tissues aren’t mandatory, they are suggested.) We’ve got your back.


OCTOBER 13, 2021
Week 2: Step Up

We’ll build on our heart-centered a-ha moments from Week 1. You’ll step up by creating a vision of how you and your life will look when you are speaking up, and create an action plan for how to use your voice in one critical area. You’ll receive support, gentle and necessary feedback, and gain the confidence to speak up in your life. (And yes, baby steps count. All steps forward count.)


OCTOBER 20, 2021
Week 3: Speak Up

In our third session, we’ll reflect on how your speaking up went: what worked, what didn’t, and what you will do differently next time. We’ll celebrate your wins and support you to continue releasing self-doubt as you prepare to speak up again this week. (Again, baby steps forward - and outward.)


OCTOBER 27, 2021
Week 4: Reflect & Refine

Our final session will bring us full circle. You’ll refine your action plan so you can keep using it beyond our four-weeks - and explore how it can be applied to other areas of your life.  You’ll breathe easier knowing that you can speak up when you want and need to. And you’ll walk away with a dozen soul sisters - conspiring for your success as you continue to step up and speak up for yourself and in the world. Hooray!


In order to get the most from this experience, you'll want to do your best to attend each session live. Why? Because it’s during our weekly retreats where you’ll be able to experience my personalized coaching and receive real-time support from your sisters. But if you do have to miss a session (oh, life), there will be a recording available for you to check out before the next session so you can get caught up.


About your host, Amanda Perrot

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If you’ve stuck with me this far, I know you know it’s time to make a habit of speaking up - for yourself, for the people you care about, and for the ideas and values that matter most to you. 

I’d love to help you get started - and give you access to an experience and a community that ensures you never stop!

Perhaps your journey (back) to speaking up begins with a long overdue “f*ck you” chat (I mean boundaries conversation!) with your boss. 

Maybe it’s a heart-centred, honest conversation with your partner. 

Perhaps you’re being called to speak up on behalf of your business. Or for your clients or customers.  

Your speak up moment may be for your daughter or son.

If you’ve put honoring your leadership and your voice at the bottom of a very long to-do list because of the discomfort you feel when you think about speaking up, but you know it’s time, join the Step Up, Speak Up experience! 



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Are you in? Scroll up to add Step Up, Speak Up to your cart and take the steps to invest in yourself. We will send a confirmation email with all the details within the next 24 hours! 

Sending you hugs,