Small Decals - Connection Collection

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So you're feeling great!  Grounded and calm and fueled up.  And then you go out into the world.  And there are people EVERYWHERE.  Oh, right.  Relationships can get confusing and people can be weird.

This collection reminds you that we're all more similar than different.  If you're having trouble connecting with people or think that everyone is a jerk, this is the collection for you. 

Place these decals where people gather, like your refrigerator or kitchen, your desk at work, or in public places like the bus stop (but we totally didn’t tell you to do that).

Connection Collection reaches out to you in many colors and fonts, and includes 10 (2" x 2") decals with these sayings:

  • Would you rather be right?  Or be kind?
  • Who can you reach out to today?
  • Who else feels self-conscious today? *it's not necessarily the quiet ones.
  • Can you smile at someone who won't expect it?
  • Everyone in your life is a mirror for you. *Even the jerks.  Sometimes you're a jerk.  But you likely know that.  Yay you!
  • Everyone is doing their best.
  • Being present is the best gift you can give.
  • Doing random acts of kindness fills up your heart.
  • Giving and receiving are always balanced.  The more you give, the more you receive.  True story.
  • One blank decal for your own thoughts or reminders! (permanent markers work wonders for these)

This collection comes in an adorable package – great as a present for you or someone else. 

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