Large Decal - 'Breathe'

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I know, right?  "A decal, reminding me to breathe?  But we do that naturally!"

We do.  But those times when your boss is freaking out or your daughter is freaking out or YOU'RE freaking out?  Maybe all at the same time?  And you hold you breath without realizing it?  Yes.  This decal is for those times.  

Because when you're able to stop for a second and take a big breath...your entire body relaxes, resets and recharges.  Try it right now.  Take a big breath.  

Better, isn't it?

This decal is 8.5" x 2.8" and is available in 3 different colors.  Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver are our premium color options and they're beautiful.  So sparkly.

(A big thank you to our lovely customers who sent photos!  Feel free to email yours too, and we'll add them here!)

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