47 Days: A Journey Back Home

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47 Days: A Journey Back Home
What happens when you make all the "responsible" choices, and you still feel like a miserable failure?

For Grounded Goodness founder Amanda Perrot, the answer is to get outta town. She crammed her business into a Subaru nicknamed Vladamir to spend 47 days discovering her home province, and what life could look like after her marriage failed. It started as a way to see new parts of Saskatchewan and sell some stuff along the way, but seven weeks later she'd learned more about herself and the power of community than she ever expected.

Amanda offers a glimpse of hope for women who know they would be happier if they left their marriage but don’t have an obvious or clear reason to point to when they explain why they want a divorce. This is a first-hand story of transformation that reassures us of the goodness and positivity that can come out of making the terrifying leap back into single life, and inspired to have our own difficult conversations.

This is a story for every woman who is tired of questioning herself and wants the unvarnished truth of what happens when we learn to:
  • honour ourselves;
  • be confident about what we want and need;
  • commit to our own happiness;
  • stop beating ourselves up; and
  • let our intuition take the lead.

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This book is an Amazon #1 Best Seller, and has garnered a great deal of media attention. Check it out here!