Spreading Goodness

We're all about spreading goodness!  Want to join us?  


We've given out many of our decals as gifts, and it's a pretty darn good feeling. But what are some other ways to 'spread goodness?'  Here are 3 more easy options:


Random Acts of Kindness

We've added suggestions for random acts of kindness to the backs of our small decals - see our video for the full story!  You get your favorite decals, and an easy way to spread kindness.  Now that's what we call a double-whammy of goodness.  Tag us (@groundedgoodness) in your Instagram posts, showing your #spreadinggoodness!



The beauty of these decals?  They're sticky but they don't leave adhesive behind.  Which makes them perfect for leaving a #decalbomb wherever you feel like it: lamp posts, public walls/bathrooms/desks, or on your friend's bathroom mirror.  Can you imagine seeing 'You've got this,' just when you need it?  Yes, that's the feeling we're trying to spread!  Tag us (@groundedgoodness) in your Instagram posts, showing us how you #decalbomb!


Connection Cards

Every online order ships out with a Connection Card!  It's a beautiful card and decal that you can leave for a stranger, a friend or a coworker.  Again, a simple way to spread goodness!  Place an order now and we'll hook you up.  Then send us an email (goodtimes@groundedgoodness.com) with your stories from your Connection Cards - we're always thrilled to hear from you!

Grounded Goodness Connection Card


Questions or comments?  Email us at goodtimes@groundedgoodness.com.