We're going to let you in on a little secret: did you know that Amanda is a speaker and facilitator? That's right. She's passionate about spreading goodness in all ways, and that includes giving keynote presentations and facilitating group work. She believes in the power of using your voice - either as individuals or in groups.

Amanda Interviewing Panel Speakers

And she's not too shabby at it: she won the District 99 Toastmaster of the Year Award in 2017, out of ~2500 members. She hosted 15 events in 7 weeks during the summer of 2018 (as part of her Saskatchewan Sisterhood tour). And she works with businesses and organizations to dig deep to develop a community of genuine support.

Intrigued? Amanda works primarily with women, and her speaking themes include kindness, personal transformation, and developing community through honest and real conversations. She also focuses on 'sisterhood' - the thought that we as women are better when we respect and support each other, in a genuine and honest way.

Amanda Speaking at Event

Like what you see? Think your team or organization could benefit from real and honest conversations?

Please send an email to goodtimes@groundedgoodness with the subject line "Speaking Inquiry" and we'll get back to you stat.

Amanda can't wait to inspire and help you. It's kinda her jam. And she'll even bring decals and other goodies...because who doesn't love that?

Amanda with Saskatoon Panel Speakers

 (Photo credits: Mandy Pavlovsky and Karen Levesque)