Saskatchewan Sisterhood Road Trip

What is 'Saskatchewan Sisterhood?'

It’s a 7-week tour around Saskatchewan! Amanda is taking a road trip around the province, to highlight and connect with amazing women in our province. She will be co-hosting free events with local business owners and leaders! Why? Because Saskatchewan women are strong, compassionate, and kind…and we’re even better together.

Our aim is to bring women together to talk: about our struggles, our successes, our everyday ‘stuff’. By using our voices, our hope is that Saskatchewan women will feel confident to ask for what we want (in everyday life) and accept nothing short of what we deserve.

Where will Amanda be? Can I meet up with her?

Amanda will be driving over 4000kms around our beautiful province! Check out the calendar below, for her detailed itinerary.

And yes! You can definitely meet up with her...she's so excited to meet people in this province! There are a number of locations where she will team up with local women to have small and fun events (and they're free!). See the calendar for those locations (and then head over to our Facebook page to RSVP for them! Check back regularly for updates!).

GG Road Trip July Calendar

GG Road Trip August Calendar

What will Amanda be doing on the days with no events?

She knows there are AWESOME people and sights in Saskatchewan (born and raised in St. Brieux, she's no stranger to small town life), so she simply wants to experience them! From local bakeries to geography to B&Bs...she's on the hunt for the best that Saskatchewan has to offer. Know a hidden local gem (people, places or things!) in one of the locations that she's visiting? Send us an email ( and we'll make sure she stops!

Do you have more info?

We sure do! Click here for our detailed information kit! And click here for our map.

What is the best way to follow the road trip adventures?

Sign up for our newsletter here (you'll get the inside track on everything)! Or follow our Instagram feed (where most of the action will happen) or our Facebook page (where the event info is). And be sure to let your friends know! We'll be having a number of giveaways over the summer too...just sayin'!

For media inquiries:

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Thank you for following along!