Saskatchewan Sisterhood Road Trip

What is 'Saskatchewan Sisterhood?'

It was a 7-week tour around Saskatchewan, from July 9th to August 24th, 2018! Amanda embarked upon a road trip around the province, to highlight and connect with amazing women in our province. She co-hosted 15 free events with local business owners and leaders! Why? Because she knew that Saskatchewan women are strong, compassionate, and kind…and we’re even better together. In these events, she met over 1,000 women in person!

Amanda's aim was to bring women together to talk: about our struggles, our successes, our everyday ‘stuff’. By using our voices, her hope is that Saskatchewan women will feel confident to ask for what we want (in everyday life) and accept nothing short of what we deserve.

Featured in local and provincial media, the road trip gathered steam as the days went by! Local women loved the event, and then often planned to go to the next one nearby...a "connection caravan" of sorts. Attendees also told their friends, sisters, and family members: "Go to this event near you! It's so good - you won't regret it!"

Where did Amanda go?

Amanda drove over 5000kms around our beautiful province! Check out the calendar below, for her detailed itinerary.

GG Road Trip July Calendar

GG Road Trip August Calendar


Do you have more info?

We sure do! Click here for our detailed information kit! And click here for our map.

Here is the listing of media coverage we received:

July 6 interview: East Central Trader (page 6) & Humboldt Journal

July 9 release: Prairie Post

July 8 interview: Melfort Journal & Northeast Sun (reworked version for Nipawin and Tisdale events)

July 10 interview: CKJH/CJVR in Melfort (YourTownNews.Ca)

July 21 interview: CKRM in Regina & my92.1 in Regina

July 24 interview: Story of U Podcast

July 25 interviews: Global Regina, CTV Regina, How to B Podcast & CBC Afternoon edition

August 7 interviews: CJNE in Nipawin, Northeast Now

Undated interview: Kipling Citizen

August 15 interview: CTV Saskatoon

August 17 interview: Global Saskatoon

August 23 interview: 107.5 Bolt FM in Humboldt

Undated interview: Humboldt Journal

Event submission: Yorkton This Week

September 13 release: Melfort Journal


Sask Sisterhood Road Trip - Photo Collage

What's next?
The road trip was life-changing for Amanda, on a personal and business level. It resulted in a network of women across the province, bonded by their shared love of connection, growth, and supporting each other. New business partnerships, new friendships, and new events arose from the road trip, and Amanda and her team couldn't be more thrilled. It was a true success, on many levels! 

But perhaps most significantly, Amanda wrote a book after the road trip, titled "47 Days: A Journey Back Home." This memoir-style book is was released in June 2019. Get your copy now! It debuted as #1 Bestseller on Amazon, and the reviews have been incredible!

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