Love for GG

People like what they see (literally) with these decals.  Here's some recent feedback:

'I am a nervous driver. I'm even more nervous as a passenger. I let my entire body tense up, my breath quickens, and my jaw clenches. If I'm really scared, I stop speaking or speak only in short sentences. This fear has ruined many a road-trip for me, and for my husband.

My logical brain knows I am safe. However there is no rationalizing with my fear once it starts to take flight.

When I received my first package of Grounded Goodness decals, it included a Merlot coloured sanity saver: Remember to Breathe. This beauty has found its perfect home on the dash of our Ford Edge; strategically placed where I can see it from either seat. Now I start every journey with a reminder to take a deep breath, get grounded, and enjoy the ride.'




'So there I was, sitting in a meeting with my staff, getting sucked into the drama that is business. Frustrated by the current topic, I pushed my hand through my hair, leaned back in my chair and declared "OK, so this is out of our control. We can't do it." 

Smiling with an almost evil grin, an associate turned to me, pointed at the Grounded Goodness decal on the back of my cell phone and read it aloud to me as if she'd been waiting her whole life to remind me of my core beliefs. She pointedly said, "Hearing your inner critic? Politely tell that bag you've got this."

The rest of the associates at the table gasped in disbelief. Pausing in silence for about 5 seconds, I burst into laughter. She was absolutely right. Damn you Grounded Goodness for being a not-so-subtle reminder. And thanks just the same.'




'Why is it that we don't know how amazing that we each are?  I know I need to remind myself each day...many times a day...that I'm enough...and in the right spot at the right time...and that its ok to enjoy this present moment...all filled with serendipities and miracles....grounded goodness decals are one of the most effective tools to remind myself. They make me smile and give me clarity and focus...when I don't see them anymore...I move them or change colors or themes....continued clarity and focus and love.  Thank you for enriching my life.'




'I have placed the ‘Remember to Breathe’ decal in my vehicle so that I am able to look down at it in a moment’s notice and take a second to focus. This has been good in several situations for both my husband and I:  to breathe when we are navigating the Deerfoot in rush hour on a weekend (my husband more than me, ha), when I am on a work phone call before my day has even led me to the office and when I am sitting in the car after a long day and parking in the garage. All of these moments happen on a regular basis, but what has helped each one is to actually ‘remember to breathe’ and focus on the now. We do this so naturally, but when we are to actually stop and think about it, everything else stops too and we can focus on the present as well as the bigger picture. Such a needed tool!'




'I love the decals. First, they function so well. They stay securely in place for as long as I want them to and they leave no residue behind. That's so cool! Most importantly and the reason I bought them, they serve as a nice friendly reminder to focus on/pay attention to something positive. I generally keep them on my phone and when I feel I'm lacking something, getting too negative, or need to be reminded of something, I switch the decal to the message I need for that time. I also keep some around my office to remind my clients to breathe. One of the best parts about them is that they're so cheap, they're easy to share. I've put a few up in public places, some of them stick around and others go to a new home (I imagine that anyway and hope they don't go to the garbage).'



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