Grounded Goodness Sisterhood Events

'Events, hey?'

Yes.  You've got it.  We've branched out into events.  In one of those lovely 'a-ha' moments, it became clear: Grounded Goodness isn't just about decals.  We're about 'spreading goodness' in all ways.  Always.

Another way we can spread goodness?  Events.

We envision events where women (and men!) can come together to connect, laugh and feel like we're part of something bigger.  Something powerful.  Something uplifting.  Something that inspires us to go out and 'spread goodness' in our own unique, beautiful way.

We held our first event, Sisterhood, on November 12th, 2016.  It was amazing.  We sold out for tickets!  Curious?  See our blog post here for all the details.

Our second Sisterhood event on April 15, 2017 was phenomenal - bigger and better and so much fun.  See our blog post here for all the details.

We will have another one soon!  The easiest way to stay in the loop on our events?  Join our email newsletter - click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Amanda Scott

 Grounded Goodness Sisterhood Event

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