Decals 101

Here's the low-down on our decals.

Let's start with a bona fide dictionary definition:


noun  |  de·cal  |  \ˈdē-ˌkal, di-ˈkal; Canada usually ˈde-kəl\

: a picture, design, or label that will stick to the surface on which it is placed after the paper on the back of it is removed

Reference:  decal. 2015. In Retrieved July 5, 2015, from

For us, a decal is a glorified, fancy sticker.  And now you know what a decal is – you’ll sound rather intelligent when your friends ask what they are.  ‘Why, they’re decals, of course.’



 Quick notes:

  • Our printed decals are made of a fantastic material that you can remove, and restick elsewhere (again and again).
  • They don’t leave adhesive behind, which is what makes them unique.  We've had FANTASTIC feedback about this feature!
  • Our cutout decals can’t be moved around. They also won’t leave adhesive behind, but are content to stay where they are.
  • Don’t stick them on fresh paint (wait 3 months for the paint to cure).

Now that you are a decal pro, check out our Collections here.  They are just itching to get out into the world and go on adventures with you.