Connection Cards

Grounded Goodness Connection Cards - they spark ideas to do something nice for someone.  

Research shows that human connection is really darn important for our health and happiness.  Our idea?  This fun and easy way to connect with family, friends, and random strangers (because how happy were you when that stranger in the Tim Horton's drive-thru paid for YOUR coffee??).

If you're kinda shy about this stuff, and feel awkward about it, these cards will give you a hand.  You can say: "The Connection Card made me do it!"  Or you can just buy a flower arrangement for the lady at work who just lost her husband, leave it with the Connection Card when she's in the bathroom, and RUN.

Every order of decals ships out with a Connection order something now and we'll hook you up.


Connection Card Stories

Share your story below.  How you gave the card, how you got the card...or just tell a good joke!

Your stories are sacred to us.  We know that it takes your heart (and time) to share a story, and we respect that. 

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