About Grounded Goodness

Our mission?  To spread goodness.

Why?  Because we're craving it...so we have a good hunch that you're craving it too.

What is goodness?  To us: it's love, it's fun, it's connection, it's inspiration.  It's being kind to ourselves and others.  It's experiencing joy and then sprinkling that around like confetti.  It's the feeling when we connect with someone who just gets it.  It's being inspired to live fully, even on the really crap days (because we all have 'em).  

So how do we spread goodness?  We have two main methods:

1) through our products: decals and t-shirts.  These beauties serve as inspirational gear for grownups!  Fun, colorful, easy.

2) through our events: these serve as a medium to bring people together!  Fun, colorful, easy.

Notice a theme?  If you're craving some fun, color and ease...this is the place to be.

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Sending you so many hugs and oodles of goodness,

Amanda Perrot


Okay, that sounds great!  But who's Amanda?  Is that the pseudonym for some corporation?  Where are you located?  

It's a great question, and here's a quick summary: 
  • Amanda: creator of Grounded Goodness.  After doing the things she thought would make her happy (university degree, condo, well-paying job in Calgary, AB), she moved back to Saskatchewan, Canada in 2012 to join her Mom at 1st Choice Graphics, a sign and decal company.  The idea for Grounded Goodness came in 2013, and here we are now! 
  • Location: St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, Canada.  St. Brieux is a thriving small town with an entrepreneurial spirit.  
  • Important note: we design, print and package all of our products in Canada.  Most of the work is done in St. Brieux, but when we need to outsource?  We keep it real in Canada - it's important to us.

What to do next?  

You can 1) check out our products, 2) check out our events, or 3) spread some of your own goodness!

Questions?  Check out our FAQ.