April 2021 - Step Up, Speak Up - Add-On!


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April 2021 - Step Up, Speak Up - Add-On!

Two Week Add-On Option!

If you're craving a bit more support, these additional two weeks are for you (at a pro-rated and VIP price). Continue to dive deep on your developing a-ha moments, and gain more support from Amanda and your newfound sisters. We've got you.


MAY 5, 2021
Week 5: Acknowledging the blocks

Now that we've dug deep on where you'd like to go (a podcast, a book, a business, or better communication with yourself, your partner, or at work!), let's keep going. What is "the story you're telling yourself," as to why you can't keep moving forward? Whose voice are you hearing, that's stopping you?


MAY 12, 2021
Week 6: What are your next steps?

Let's figure out your next action steps for the coming months, on a high-level! What will get you to that next level? And what does that look like? (Think: visualizations, letting go of more layers, and exciting next steps!) 

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Hooray! Cheers to you, for continuing to get support in speaking up!