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Yay for International Women's Day! (that rhymes)

It's International Women's Day!  One of my favorite days of the year.  Why?  Women rock, obviously.  They inspire, they support, they rally.  (And just to be clear, men are amazing too...they're the cat's ass.  Which is an interesting compliment, if you think about.  But they too, are amazing.)  

There is something to be said for Sisterhood though, right?

Just after I filled my coffee cup one morning last week (double double, I'm trying to quit) hit me.  I literally stopped in my tracks, and sloshed coffee everywhere.  I am floored by the amazing women around me.  It was like an odd lightbulb moment of something that I had known, but didn't fully know.

These women are vibrant.  Generous.  Tough.  Absolutely beautiful in how they honour themselves.  Gracious.  Feisty as f*ck.  That's right...they often warrant F bombs.

In my relationships with women, we always do a wholehearted dance of give & take, supporting & receiving.  Encouraging, breaking down (walls), ugly crying, giggling fits in church (this is a story for another time).  The whole gamut.

So I'll say it again: I am floored by the women in my life.  And I want to share some examples with you.

One of our team members recently told me she gave up chocolate and junk food for Lent. 

"That's awesome!" I said. "7 days, you can do it."

"Lent is 40 days."

Oops.  (As a non-practicing Catholic, I often forget Catholic things.)

But yay, her!  That's such a commitment to take care of herself...and taking care of and honoring yourself?  It's the best way to thrive.  And I will support her the best I can.

One of our new Toastmasters members last week told me to 'drive safe, watch out for the moose.'  Simple, but profound.  Why?  Because I felt that she genuinely cared that I stay safe.  You see, she self-admittedly has walls up around women, as she has found them to be 'catty' and 'judgmental.'  But she says she is grateful for Toastmasters, in that all the women there support each other.  And in recognizing that, she was able to extend a motherly kindness that I felt.  It was like a very gentle warm hug.  And I was sure to watch out for the moose.

One of the newsletters I receive is from a woman I met at an Expo last year.  I can see how much she's grown and pushed herself to learn online technology, which can be intimidating.  I want to cheer her on and tell her to keep going!  And I've also received some wonderful help from her...she's wise.

I am so grateful for these women, and ALL the women in my life.  Women that I've known forever, women that I'm only just getting to know, and all the strangers that will become friends.  Every woman I know is amazing, even if we don't see eye-to-eye or if we fall out of touch.  There's beauty in that, too.

I am absolutely honored to walk alongside each and every one of you.  Thank you for being in our tribe.  May we, here at Grounded Goodness, hold you safely and support you in the best way we can.

Lots of love,


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