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Women supporting women

I’m sitting here in my current B & B outside Pangman, SK, on a Friday morning. Yep, I’m writing this post the time you read this, I’ll have moved on to Kenosee or Yorkton. But I wanted to write this and share with you, regardless of timing.

I’m brainstorming on my designated topic this week, which is ‘women supporting women.’ You see, I’ve had a topic every week to write about. I love these topics. They transfer over to Instagram and Facebook, in the form of graphics, questions, and conversations.

But right now? I am sitting in this B & B, trying to work. But my sister Jackie, and her friend (and my sister-from-another-mister) Angie, are about to go for a walk. I said: “You guys go...I need to do some work.” Which meant, I need to write a blog post.

But you know what? F*ck it. Sometimes, you need to support the women in your life (today, Jackie and Angie) by simply showing up. By going for a walk with them, in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan. Especially when they come to help you sell t-shirts at a music festival.

So that’s my blog post. I’m stepping away from the computer, and showing up for the women in my life with simple conversation and laughter.

Over to you: what have you done lately to support a woman in your life? I know you have. A hug? A text? Flowers? Conversation?

I’d love to hear, in the comments below. This will inspire ME, and our entire community. Sometimes, simpler is better, right?

Lots of love,