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Why it's important to trust your gut.

I knew. As soon as I walked up to Courtney in the coffee shop in Saskatoon, my suspicions were confirmed. I knew that she was solid, dependable, and honest.

How did I know?

We were wearing the same jacket (see below).

Amanda and Courtney wearing the same jacket

I'm joking. Wearing the same jacket as someone doesn't constitute a great relationship (if it did, we would see couples/friends/mothers & kids all wearing the same jacket. I would have worn the same jacket as my ex if I had known that!). 

Before I even started working with Courtney, before meeting her in that coffee shop, I knew that working with her would be easy. Honest. Generous. Kind. I knew that she was the graphic designer for us...that she would help Grounded Goodness move forward. I felt it in my gut.
As I'm learning (over and over), trusting your gut is important. In fact, it's critical to keep moving forward, in ways you want to move forward. 
Have an uneasy feeling about someone even though they're great on paper? Trust that.
Last year, I wanted to find a graphic designer to help us here at Grounded Goodness. Even though I know a thing or two about design, I couldn't do it all: I was looking for someone to seriously up our game. I had talked to a number of designers before I came across Courtney. And even though they each had their own beautiful skills, it was never quite a right fit.
I'm so glad I waited.
Courtney is the kind of person you wait for. (That sounds like marriage! But we all know that working relationships can often be like marriage. For better or worse.)
Now, why am I telling you about Courtney? Because she has helped us grow, and she can likely do the same for you.
And even as I write this, I kind of want to be greedy and keep my knowledge about Courtney's skills to myself. But I won't. Because I want her to be supported, and grow...just like others have helped me, and Grounded Goodness, to grow.
Here is some background:
Courtney is a graphic designer, calligrapher and illustrator. Based in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, she works through a number of mediums: calligraphy, watercolor, digital design. Courtney is excellent to work with...a business owner's dream team member.
Case in point? Recently, she was the creative mind behind our two t-shirt designs.
I knew I wanted two styles: one feisty ('DBAD,' which stands for 'don't be a dick.'), and one gentler ('kindness is contagious.) I gave her as much info as I could, with some visual ideas of my own (nature, geometric designs, brush script), and she came through in a big way.

With very little tweaking, we finalized the two designs, and we couldn't be happier. And from your feedback, we know that you love them too!
Grounded Goodness Kindness is Contagious T-Shirt
What's next? We're working with Courtney on another shirt design, and a design for something else we have up our sleeve. We are ridiculously excited about it all!
But in addition to helping us, Courtney is busy:
1) She wants to focus on her calligraphy and hand lettering. What does that mean? She wants to grow the custom wedding stationery part of her business.
2) She is launching her new website soon, which will include an online store (sign up for her newsletter, to be notified of the launch!), where you can purchase custom wood signs and her collection of greeting cards.
3) She loves creating logos for women entrepreneurs.
Where does that leave you? If you have any desire or need for these services, contact Courtney through Facebook, Instagram, or email (

Trust your gut on this. If your gut is saying 'Heck yes!' to working with (or simply following) Courtney, know this: she will hook you up with tons of goodness. 
Trusting your gut is huge. You know yourself the best, and what you want for relationships, business, your future. And when we each listen to ourselves? Magical things happen.
Cheers to Courtney! Cheers to you! Cheers to your intuition!

Hugs to you,

P.S. While you can click on the underlined words above to see many examples of Courtney's work, here is a quick glimpse...
An example of her custom wedding stationery:
Save the Date Calligraphy Example
An example of her custom wood signs:
Courtney Rose Design Custom Wood Signs
An example of her logo design:
Courtney Rose Design Logo Example
An example of her logo design (her own logo!):
Courtney Rose Design Logo

Thank you for being here! We adore the crap out of you. :) Leave a comment below if you'd like!

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