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When you're in too deep...

I'm guilty of getting in too deep. Too deep in the f*cking details.

At work (I will spend 30 minutes trying to get the 'perfect' layout on a decal. FML. I love the Sparkle & Shine Collection, but it took me awhile, hoo boy).

On a speech (I will memorize words, over and over, until it's no fun anymore).

Personally (when I pack clothes to go somewhere, it is a PROCESS).

As you have likely guessed, this blog post is about perfectionism. 

And here's what I say to perfectionism: 'you can f*ck off now.'

Perfectionism doesn't feel good. It's like a thick sludge that pulls you in deeper and deeper. Yep, you may have one minute of satisfaction, after you have it 'perfect.' But it's like being so focused on the how your appetizers are laid out at your party...that you completely miss the party.

And I don't want to miss the party.

Here's the thing: nobody gives a crap about the things you give a crap about. So the people that you're trying to impress? They're non-existent. It's all about YOU, baby.

I'm now committing to saying 'f*ck perfectionism.' Are you with me?

I recently read a quote somewhere about how perfectionism is all about our 'unwillingness to be vulnerable.' I was going to hunt down this quote, so I could use it properly in this blog post, and credit the correct person...but then I realized; 'ack! I'm doing the perfectionism thing, right here in this f*cking blog post!' So you can take my word about the quote...I'm not hunting it down. 

But I do agree that perfectionism is about our willingness to be vulnerable. I definitely like to appear to have my sh*t together. So to say: 'this is all I could do, this is not perfect, I know this is mediocre at best.' Yikes.

But I'm tired of it. It's bogging me down in my business, in my life. Are you finding this too?

So I'm simply gonna leave a quote here. This one's legit, because I've memorized it and refer back to it, over and over: 'Done is better than good.

This is from Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic. It's a beautiful creation, if you want to check it out; here's a blog post where she talks about this quote.

And I wanted to end this blog post with a big flourish, but I'm gonna be simply be vulnerable: 'this is all I've got.'

Amanda looking silly

(This photo? Ugh. I look ridiculous. It's not perfect. But it's also hilarious. It could be my online dating profile picture. Hahahahaha.)

Sending you tons of love in our imperfect worlds,


PS. Yep, I've sworn a lot in this post, and that's not perfect. But I'm simply fed up with perfectionism. Plus did you know? Anger moves things.

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