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What lights you up?

 What lights YOU up? What makes your eyes light up? What makes your heart pick up its pace? What could you talk about for HOURS? What brings you joy?

Over the last 7 weeks, I have spoken with hundreds of women around our province of Saskatchewan. Hundreds. (I’m still in a ‘holy sh*t, how did that happen?’ fog, not gonna lie.)

One of the most beautiful things I witnessed while speaking with these women?

When they talk about the things that light them up.

Their faces start to sparkle. They get a twinkle in their eyes. They literally light up.

What causes this? A number of things: their kids, their careers, their love for chocolate, their partners, their pets, their love of all things stationery, their love for organizing, their religion, their love of cheese (literally and metaphorically), their businesses, their art, their spontaneity, their love of the simple life, their love of shoes...on and on, we all have different things that LIGHT US UP.

For me? I love words. Writing, drawing, speaking. Asking questions, telling stories. Words, words, words, in all of the forms (Which is also why I LOVE our inspirational decals, I suppose!). Words are a puzzle and a challenge and an art form to me.

For my sister Adrienne? It’s “talking with people about the things that light THEM up...whether it’s the intricacies of wine tasting, the building of guitars, or the satisfaction of knitting the perfect blanket...I could seriously just sit and listen to people talk about the things they are passionate about.”

For my Mom? It’s “making people laugh. It’s a good day when you can get someone to laugh. It’s a great day when you can get a cranky person to laugh.”

The reason I’m asking? Focus on the stuff that lights you up. For real.

It doesn’t have to turn into your career, or even something that you do ALL the time. It can be simply something that we turn to, when we’re in a funk, or feeling down.

But we first need to recognize what lights us up. And if we don’t know? It’s our mission to figure it out. By trial and error, or by meditating on it, or simply asking those around us what makes our eyes light up (those around us always know).

So over to you: what lights YOU up? Leave a comment below. We’d be thrilled to hear about it!

Lots of love,


(Big thanks to Karen Levesque for the photo!)