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There’s a revolution coming.

There’s a revolution coming.

Yep, you read that right.

Over the last six months or so, I’ve seen that the way women work now - and how they’ll work in the future - is changing dramatically. Business is evolving, my friend.

Let me explain how I know this:

1) On an intuitive level, this business evolution is an expansive energy that’s been with me for months: similar to raging river water, flowing around and gradually breaking down the boulders. While it’s not catastrophic, it is overwhelming to the old structures.

2) Through conversations I have with our community members and my clients, I can see that more and more women are saying “f*ck this” when it comes to their traditional jobs. These jobs are killing their souls and despite how much they speak up, they can’t create the change within the corporation or organization that they know needs to happen (#peaceout).

3) I read reports like this one and even though its American, it’s one piece of how the world is reeling. The stats are staggering: women around the world are leaving the workforce in droves because of the pandemic, as the industries in which they work shut down and/or because they shoulder the responsibility of caregiving

When I read these reports about the decades of gains that are being lost in the workforce for women’s equity, it’s almost paralyzing: What the hell can I do to help this situation?

Then I realize: I can write to you. I can raise awareness about what’s happening so you know and so you can tell your sisters and friends and husbands and partners and communities. We can raise the sentiment that this is bullsh*t and that it’s time for change.

Okay, breathe. (I may have written that “breathe” part for me - I get a lil’ riled up!)


I also want to spread the idea that this is an incredible time of opportunity for women (and their families). Hell yes. And! The change doesn't necessarily need to be created through force; when I think about “fighting” the old BS, that flowing river metaphor always comes in strongly.

Here is the opportunity:

I see completely new structures being built by women: new ways of doing business and newfound respect for people, community, and our planet. I see us completely bypassing the old structures and building anew. I see women leaving their toxic workplaces because the pay isn’t worth it anymore and they are sick of compromising their health to be part of the f*cking hustle. I see the continued creation of all types of inclusive business: coaches, consultants, product-based businesses, community-based organizations, nonprofits, tech companies…you name it, it’ll be created. Standing up to their partner when their partner says: “You want to start a business?! What for? That’s fluff,” by responding with: There’s a business revolution coming. I’m assuming you’d like to see me happier AND bring in the cash? It’s time for you to trust and support me.” I see women becoming breadwinners AND staying at home, more easily flowing back and forth and somewhere in the middle of those two...because their partners are helping at home and/or they have family and local support.

But perhaps the biggest piece of this revolution? I see other women supporting those businesses because they want to and because they can see the inherent value in doing so (despite what current society sees as valuable). I see women needing to use their voices: getting involved in politics for policy change, advocating for women of color and becoming allies for the LGBTQ community to create widespread diversity in business, creating and supporting the causes and business they get riled up about.

And you might be thinking: “But isn’t this change already happening? For the last few decades at least?” It has been happening, yes. But I’m talking next-level, sweeping societal change that is spurred by our current pandemic. Bypassing the unconscious urge to fit into the current structure of business and doing business on our terms.

It not’s going to be comfortable. But it can be one of the biggest revolutions in business we’ve ever seen, so we too can have a seat at the boardroom table. Oh, wait. Maybe we don’t want a seat at the boardroom table. Maybe we’re creating our own meeting spaces, virtual and in-person, because we’re juggling a kid on one hip and our money on the other. We’re not confined to taking a seat.

Now you might be thinking: “Okay this is great Amanda! But what do I do next?”

Raise awareness by having conversations with your sisters, your friends, your coworkers. (“Hey, I read this email from a woman business owner and she says there’s a revolution in business coming. What do you think? Have you seen this or experienced this?”)

Or, have the conversation with yourself: what do you think is possible in business that we haven’t yet experienced? What can you sense?

Because my friend, you are wise as f*ck. This revolution needs your knowledge and your awareness.

Feel free to add a comment below if you’re thinking: “YES!! I’ve seen this!”

Hugs and high fives from your “business partner,”