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The story behind the flower paper.

Full-body chills and a-ha moments.  They don't always come from the big things.  They often come from simple delights, like paper.  (Yep, paper.)

There's a story behind the beautiful paper pictured below.  (Yep, it's paper.)  Read on for the details...

Grounded Goodness Flower Paper Story

There I am, sitting in my car's driver seat.  Next to me?  Courtney Larson, the graphic designer who recently helped bring the beauty of our t-shirts to life.  

We are in traffic, in Saskatoon, at 5pm (also called 'barely moving').  Courtney and I just met for the first time in person, at a coffee shop this afternoon.  In a beautifully synchronous way, our newly printed t-shirts just happen to be ready for pickup in I ask Courtney if she wants to come with me to pick them up.  She says 'yes!' with excitement all over her face.  We pick up the shirts (we'll have a blog post on that soon), and then continue our mini road trip through Saskatoon.

There we are, stuck in traffic.  We are on our way to Soul Paper, a beautiful shop that exudes soul with their amazing paper, stationary and gifts.  Courtney and I both love Soul Paper, and I want to introduce her to the owners.

As we watch red traffic lights, Courtney says: 'I'm glad we're going to Soul Paper.  I was there earlier and I found this beautiful paper.  It has flower seeds in it.  And you can print on it!"

I say: 'What?!  You can print on it?'

Courtney says: 'Yes!  You can print on it!'

As we finally walk into Soul Paper, I instantly breathe in the beauty (as usual).  I love this store.  I ask if Susan or Alex (the owners) are there, and the clerk goes to the back to see if they are available.  Susan isn't there, but Alex is, and he comes to chat.

I say: 'I hear you have some flower paper that you can print on.  Can you show me?'  (we say more than that, but for the sake of your time, I'm cutting the story down.)

Alex says: 'We do!  It's over here.'

I am blown away by this paper.  It is beautiful.  Stunning.  I look at it with awe.  I tentatively run my fingers over it.  It's a work of art.

And then Alex tells me the best part...the icing on the cake.  It's Canadian-made.  Chills all over the damn place, right?

And then Alex tells me the next best part.  You can plant it, and wildflowers will grow.  What?!

I know instantly that we needed to include this paper in our story, and send it out with each order of shirts.  I had been looking for something special, but didn't know what it was until I saw it (and felt it).

If you order a shirt online, you will receive a small card of this paper.  Just like this:

Grounded Goodness Flower Paper T-Shirt Card

When I asked Alex to send me more info about the paper, this is what he wrote: 

"The couple we have partnered with from northern Ontario hand makes their sustainable papers with second source (post-consumer) wood pulp from Ontario and Quebec and recycled cotton fiber from across Canada.  Wildflower seeds are collected from the great lakes region and are hand “culled” to ensure an 80 – 90% weed free blends.

The plantable post-consumer paper seeds typically include Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, English daisy, Catchfly, and Snapdragon.  Lupine seeds from BC are also added to some of the blends along with flower petals, fern stems, leaves, fragrant plants and/or greenery.  

To plant the paper, cover it with 1/8" of soil in full to partial sun and keep moist until the seeds establish."

Yep.  Plantable.  Beautiful.  Canadian-made.  A perfect fit for Grounded Goodness.


I love simple stories like this.

Because they make our brand.  They make us better.  They make us want to keep going, to find all the simple, body-tingling delights that we can create with Grounded Goodness.

And for that, I am very very very grateful.

A big thank you to Courtney, and Susan and Alex for their help with this piece of the puzzle.  

I hope you enjoy these small delights as much as I do!

Sending you flower and paper love,


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