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The story behind Grounded Goodness shirts...

Amanda with a stack of Grounded Goodness shirts

Our shirts are here, and we couldn't be more excited!  (well, maybe if a cute puppy walked into our office...but that's about it)

Why shirts?  You're likely familiar with our decals...but how do shirts fit in?

Creating shirts has been floating around my head for over a year now.  It was one of those ideas that wouldn't go away, no matter how much I ignored it (you know those ideas, don't you?).

But it wasn't an easy road.  We asked contacts, we did research, we tested shirts (softness is key), we tested our patience.  Over and over.

Decals?  We know decals.

Shirts?  Hell no.  We didn't know shirts.

Now we do.  Now we do!  And while this pre-order of our shirts (only running from Nov. 1 to 15th, so get them now!) is still considered a trial...we are making strides compared to our baby shuffles a year ago.

And we are so excited!

Why?  For a few very good reasons:

1) The designs.  Only two ladies' styles for now, but they are simple and awesome.  Kind or feisty, depending on the day.  Heck yes.

2) The shirts are designed in Saskatchewan.  The shirts are printed in Saskatoon.  The shirts are made in Ontario.  The shirt tags are printed in Regina.  The shipping boxes are made in Ontario.  This website is hosted by Shopify, a company based in Ottawa.  See a trend?  Canada!

As a consumer, you know that purchasing anything Canadian-made can be tricky.  But keeping things in Canada is very important to me.  (One of the fun things my family does to incite passionate rants from me at family functions?  They mention factories in China.  And then watch as I go on a rant.  They're so good to me.)

While most companies keep their production secrets to themselves, we will be chatting on social media in the next couple weeks about the amazing Canadians that we've worked with to create these beautiful shirts.

Grounded Goodness Kindness is Contagious Shirt

2) The second reason we're so excited?  The sheer volume of blood, sweat and tears we've put into these shirts.  Luckily, those bodily fluids will not be on the shirts themselves, because that would be gross.  But metaphorically, we have put everything we've had into the development of these shirts.  

On the outside, shirts may seem super simple.  But we've learned that when you give a sh*t like we do, it takes time and worry and effort.  

But it's all worth it.

Why?  When you get comments like this:

"I need these t-shirts from Grounded Goodness and I don't even know what they say yet!"

"This is more than just a shirt.  I want to wear this 'kindness is contagious' shirt on my heart.  You can feel the heart you've put into it, when you simply look at it."

"Put me down for a preorder. They’ll rock my socks off!!"

Grounded Goodness Kindness is Contagious Shirt

That.  That is what makes this all worth it.  When you have faith in what we are doing - spreading goodness - and that what we create will give you a warm fuzzy feeling?  That is amazing. 

And that is why we couldn't have made the shirts until now.  We needed the blood, sweat and tears.  Apparently foundations are important, my friend.

Will you take a chance on these shirts?  You won't regret it.  And if you like them, we will continue to learn and grow and offer new products in 2018.  We are here because of you, so your feedback, wants and needs are important to us!

(we also offer free shipping on returns if you're not happy...because that's how we roll)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

We hope these shirts make you feel wonderful.  They've already made us feel that way.

Hugs and snotty kleenexes,


P.S.  This is my personal favorite, as it makes me laugh every time I see.  DBAD.  Yep - don't be a dick.  Straight up.  :)

Grounded Goodness Don't be a Dick Shirt


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