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Sisterhood: Hot DAMN. (A recap!)

We held our second Sisterhood event just over a month ago, on April 15th.  It was AMAZING (if there was something bigger than all capitals, I would have used that).

The feedback has been phenomenal.  We've heard of unlikely but life-changing connections being made, and a greater sense of self-love arising.  And that's what we were hoping for...but we are really, really thrilled with what we created with this event.  It was magical.  Indescribable, really...but I'm going to try here.

The theme was 'honouring yourself,' and hot DAMN, did our guests honour themselves.  From attending with friends or going solo, to speaking or choosing not to, to leaving at 10pm to leaving at midnight (after our spontaneous dance party and so. much. wine.).  Whatever these women wanted to do, they did.  

And I am so honoured they did it with us.  Wait, that sounds wasn't THAT kind of event.  ;)

We hosted 4 speakers who shared themselves and their knowledge.  I am beyond thrilled that these 'sisters' joined me:

- Amy Tremblay, who did a guided meditation on who we really are (so soothing and perfect and magical).

- Kristin Woodford, who told us about being true to the authentic you (and how that sometimes involves owning your embarrassing moments with courage and humour).

- Adrienne Perrot, who guided us through an intuitive and powerful group exercise (that enabled us to connect with other amazing women, in a fun but profound way).

- and myself (Amanda Perrot), who spoke about how it's okay to change your mind (and also about doing a thing called 'what you want').

I am thrilled that we had so many women and men help out, with the food, drinks, photography, sound, bartending, art and door prizes.  It takes a community to put events like these on, and we are so grateful for the help.  (I would definitely be crying in the corner if it wasn't for those amazing people.  Mascara, everywhere.)

Some of the feedback includes the following:

What were your greatest takeaways from Sisterhood?

  • "The feeling that we're all in this together!"
  • "To remember to not get lost in my other roles (wife, mother...) and to remember to be me."
  • "Sisterhood is always present, we just need to give witness to it."
  • "My mother pulled me into this and I am so glad she did!  Own whoever you are and don't give a f*ck what people think."
  • "The meditation.  The reassurance of things I already know about who I am."
  • And so much more...

We've been asked when and where the next one will be!  The answer is: I'm not sure.  I do know that we will continue with these events, as they are POWERFUL.  The best way to find out?  Join our newsletter community and we'll keep you posted!

Now, to wrap up this recap...

One new thing we did was have an open discussion, where guests could ask anonymous questions.  We ran out of time to answer all of them, so I will answer the remaining couple here:

1) "How did Grounded Goodness come to be?  How did it all begin?"

- I started Grounded Goodness as I wanted to create something that would fulfill what I was craving.  I was craving creativity, connection and simple goodness.  And I started out with decals as that's what our parent company, 1st Choice Graphics, does for the local agricultural economy.  We've since branched out into events, and we will soon be doing different product lines.  Follow us on our website or on social media (if you don't already) never know where the path will take us!  But we do know that it's all going to be good.

2) "Do you believe that everyone is truly doing their best?"

- I do.  I truly believe that.  We all have beliefs and patterns and thoughts that have been around our whole lives, and we operate from those all day, every day.  I also believe that if we're looking down on someone as 'not doing their best,' then we're being judgy jerks.  And I don't want to be a judgy jerk.  Sure, if someone isn't holding up their end of a deal or a relationship and it isn't working for you anymore...then it's okay to say goodbye or move on.  That's actually necessary.  And there is beauty in that - freedom for you, and for them.

3) "Why are you so awesome?!"

- Well, why are YOU so awesome?  :)  I do think we're all awesome.  And I think that if you've read this far down, you are especially awesome.  Thank you!

That's our recap.  We are thrilled that we had so many women join us for both of our Sisterhood events...we couldn't do this without you.  We are humbled and encouraged by your presence at the events, and afterward.  Thank you.

Until then, I'm sending you so many hugs...

Amanda Perrot


Here are a few more photos!  The very talented Cassandra Grisdale took these for us, and we are so very grateful for her.

  • Linda Scott says...

    Hi…loved everything you wrote. Great photos. Hug to you.

    On May 18, 2017

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