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Sisterhood: A Look Back

Wow.  I am blown away. 

We held our very first event - called Sisterhood - last Saturday, November 12th.  It was months in the making and we were curious and excited and nervous about it.  

When I just sat and meditated before the event, the message I received was: 'Serve others.  Focus on that.  It will keep you out of your head.'  (see photo's a reminder that sits on my computer screen)

Oh, Sisterhood.  What an experience.

In the days since, I have felt the urge to hurry up and post an update.  Pictures, a 'hooray,' something.


Sisterhood needed to simmer.  To permeate.  Outward and inward, for everyone involved.  

So what happened?  It was good.  Fun, wholehearted, honest goodness.

My 4 sisters and I each gave a speech on a topic of our choice (these topics included: everyday miracles, saying 'no,' what you would say if your last day was tomorrow, helping each other heal, and the power of sisterhood).  We ate amazing food and drank tasty beverages (the magical tinkle of wine bottles on the floor was beautiful).  There was a candy table.  And cozy socks.  Truthbombs (and a few f-bombs) were dropped.  Spontaneous dance parties.  So many hugs.  And high fives.  Conversations and connection.  Laughter, a few tears, questions, answers.  And so many hugs.

The energy in that room was beautiful.  Curious, open, wholehearted.  Support for each other.  Oh, the support.  It was almost tangible, like you could reach out and touch it.  It was good.

Since Saturday, we have experienced both joyous highs and vulnerability hangovers (sometimes within the same hour).  

And the feedback has been amazing.

'You need to keep doing this,' to 'We need to make this bigger so more people can experience this,' to 'I've had more open and honest conversations this week,' to 'Can I be on the waiting list for the next one?' to 'I've been seeing miracles all week!'

We have had some constructive feedback as well, and we are so grateful - we need feedback to keep going.  Some examples include: 'you need to go bigger' or 'it needs to be more intimate.'  'You need less interaction' or 'can the audience talk more?'  This shows the beautiful variety in our personalities and our unique needs and wants.  We will do our best to navigate through and keep making these events good.  That is our main goal.

So when is the next event?  We're working on it, but hopefully in the new year.  I recommend joining our email newsletter (button at the bottom of this page) - it will be the best way to find out.

I want to thank all of the women who joined us that night: my sisters, my Mom, the women who offered their talents and goods (food, drinks, music, photography, furniture).

I especially want to thank the women who took a chance and bought a ticket.  To you, I thank you.  This is a new thing and you didn't have to join us.  But you trusted.  And that is amazing - thank you.

Hugs and love,

Amanda Perrot Scott

P. S. These photos were taken by the beautifully talented Jade at Jade Lauren Photography.  I love her to bits.

P. P. S. My personal side?  I struggled to stay out of my head on Saturday.  I was so frazzled, but my 'sisters' helped me and we did it.  And now?  I now have so much gratitude for the 'sisters' in my life.  It's fascinating.  This week, I can now see the women in my life.  Their skills, their support, their struggles.  I can see it and I want to keep seeing it.  It's beautiful.  And my heart is so open that I don't want to shut it.  What a gift, the beauty of sisterhood.

  • Amber says...

    Your evening helped me so much with my anxiety issues. I can honestly say my good friend and husband had to convince me to go. Glad I did and found out I am not alone . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope I can attend the next event.

    On Nov 17, 2016

  • Linda scott says...

    Looks like there was a lot of fun, friendship & SISTERHOOD!!,!!

    On Nov 17, 2016

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