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I have a silly confession: I have watched SO much Netflix in the last year. So much so, that I call my winter of 2017-2018 the ‘Winter of Flat-Assery.’ Because my ass was getting flat, from sitting so much. Yep. There were a few good weeks, but overall it was one dreary winter, in terms of self-care.

I used to beat myself up for my winter.

“I should get up, I should move, and I should stop eating the chocolate (yep, chocolate...I forgot to mention that above). I should do the self-care things that all the gurus talk about: eating clean, exercising, meditating.”

However, I recently said ‘that’s enough.’ Not necessarily on the Netflix, or the chocolate. (I still have work to do).

I have said ‘that’s enough,’ in that I’ve stopped beating myself up.

Do you know how much energy it takes to beat yourself up?! (I bet you do). Because you’re never done, right? It’s just exhausting.

It’s recently hit me: what if self-care is whatever we want to do, in any given moment?

That’s worth a repeat.

What if self-care is whatever we want to do, in any given moment?

I know, I know. Even as I write this, I can hear arguments in my head: ‘but gaining 15 pounds of chocolate weight in a winter...that’s not healthy.’

But...what if it is?

What if that’s exactly what I needed to do? And what if we could just be gentle with ourselves? What if we trusted ourselves enough to know that we’ll eventually stop watching the Netflix and eating the chocolate, when we want to?

Because I think the very definition of ‘self-care’ should be defined by us. Each and every one of us. However that looks.

For real.

While I write this for you, to say ‘Love, it’s okay to do self-care YOUR way,’ I also write this as a reminder to myself. You see, this week is bringing chaos for me. I am leaving for my road trip in less than a week, so my ‘self-care’ is going to sh*t (in the traditional ‘self-care’ sense).

But I’m not judging myself. Because this week, my self-care looks like this: lack of sleep, lots of coffee, and zero f*cks given about it all. I might just need to remember to read this, to be okay with it.

Now over to you, my friend. I know you’ve judged yourself for a lack of ‘self-care’ at some point. What was that time like? And did you finally just say ‘f*ck it’ and stop beating yourself up for it?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to connect, and bond (over our shared love of chocolate?!). Heehee.

Lots of love,