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Random Acts of Kindness Week, and our new video!

The easiest way to feel better?  Make someone else feel great!

This week, February 12-18, is International Random Acts of Kindness Week!  

Because our mission is to spread goodness, we are all over this.  We'll be doing anonymous acts of kindness around our community, and have a lot of fun doing them!  Want to join us?  Tag us in your social media posts, showing your #spreadinggoodness and #rakweek2017.  Yay!

We have also created a video, which we're releasing in conjunction with #rakweek2017...which happens to highlight an AWESOME way in which we made our decals better.

Check that out here:

We're so darn excited!  Join us this week in #spreadinggoodness...however that looks to you!  (doughnuts for coworkers, flowers for your Mom, #decalbombs...the possibilities are endless!)



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