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Our next step. We are so. darn. excited.

This has been a long time coming.  An evolution of sorts, you might say.

When we started making our Grounded Goodness decals, I thought: 'Yes, this is it!  These decals are awesome and this is it!'  

Silly Amanda.  Little did I know.  The universe was patting me on the shoulder while saying: 'It's okay dear.  You'll see.'

After awhile, I realized something was missing.

'How can we spread more goodness?  How can we connect more people?  How can I create a space for connection?'

You see, I crave connection.  Honest conversations from the center of my gooey heart.  No fluffiness.  No bullshit (when I hear myself compliment another lady on her earrings or shirt, I am cringing inside.  Sheesh.  What I am actually thinking is: 'I think you're rad and you're my kind of person but I don't really know how to tell you that without sounding creepy.'  You know?).

And then, I had a chat with my sister Amy, in August.

Because she can see things, she said: 'What about hosting fun events?'

Well hot damn.  What if we hosted fun events?!

Events where like-minded, heart-overflowing people can come together?  A place to just have fun, just be ourselves, and just connect?

Sign me up!

Our first event?


I have 4 amazing, talented, beautiful sisters.  And the crazy thing?

We all enjoy speaking in public.

Well hot damn all over again.

This event will be a space for women to get together and say 'me too!'

And even if you don't have sisters, you have sisters.  Friends, coworkers, mentors.  Every amazing woman you can think of - she's your sister.


We'll entertain you, we'll chat, we'll just hang out.  Simple, cozy, simple.

Perfect for a Saturday night in November, don't you think?

Check out the details here (click on this.  Or this smiley face: :) ).

See you then,


  • Melissa says...

    I would love to bring this event to Kelvington!!! How do we do this??? I love this idea… So happy to see!
    Please please send me info on how we can get started!

    On Oct 14, 2016

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