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Not a 'hell yes?' Don't do it.

Recently, I woke up with a weight on my back.

Not literally. (That would be trippy.)

But that's what it felt like. A heavy weight, just pulling me down. To be honest, this weight has been there for awhile now. It shows up as tension in my back and neck...that usually goes away after a chiropractic adjustment or a massage or a good stretch.

Lately though? It's constantly there. And I have zero energy.

Just today, I've finally realized what it is. It's not actually physical.

It's my saying 'yes' to things that I don't really want to be saying yes to. Whoa. (Here I thought it was 'cause I was watching too much Netflix and not exercising enough.)

Yep. I say 'yes' to things that I don't want to say yes to:

- I say yes to things that are a draaaaaaag. (ie. self-improvement courses that make me generally feel like sh*t)

- I say yes to things that are not at all fun. (ie. coffee with no-fun Nellies)

- I say yes to things simply because I think I should, or because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (ie. speaking engagements)

That's gross. Heavy. Can you feel it? It's almost vomit-inducing.

So I need to simply STOP saying yes.

This is nothing new. If you've been following the self-development world (authors, speakers, coaches), you've heard it before: "if it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no."

But for me, it's finally hit (quite literally, it feels).

So I'm decluttering my life. I'm saying no to people, things, 'opportunities' (that are often heavy pieces of crap 'disguised' as opportunities) that don't light me up.

It's time.

It's time to get this weight off my back. It's time to have more energy. Get the zip back in my step.

So I'm going to be very mindful going forward, about what I say yes to (side note: it might take me a minute to respond to you, either in person, online, or via email...'cause I'm just checking in with myself.)

Now my question to you: is there sh*t that you've said yes to, that is really just draggin' you down?

If so, you can say no to those things.

For real. 

(One of our decals from the Mental Health Collection even says that 'no is a full sentence.' Hot damn, if one of the decals says know it's legit.)

And if you need encouragement or support in saying no...leave a comment below. We will rally behind you.

Because remember this: Saying no doesn't make you a dick. It doesn't make you selfish. 

It makes you willing to create the space for YOU.

And that's all that really matters.



Amanda from Grounded Goodness

(For reference, this picture shows my 'hell yes' face. If you don't see this face, it's a no.)