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New products! We're so darn excited!


This photo is supposed to show my excitement over our new products!  It looks slightly (okay a lot) like a mug shot.  But the happiest, most inspirational mug shot ever.


It's almost Christmas!  Holy smokes!  That snuck up on us quickly.  Kinda like the wrinkles under my eyes.  Unexpected, but to be expected.  And oh so awesome.

Two things that make my eyes wrinkle up in pure delight?

1) our new large inspirational decals!  Yay!  They're big and bad.  Actually, they're quite good.  Check them out here.  

2) our Winter 2016 Collection!  She's a beaut.  (Kinda like what Cousin Eddie says to Clark in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.)  Check it out here.

These decals are great for gifts and stocking stuffers, and we ship them right to you!  Easy peasy.  And who doesn't want easy at Christmas time?

I hope you are doing well and that your festive season is full of delights so far. Eggnog anyone?  (or mulled wine?  hot spiked cider?)

I will be back here soon with an inspirational story or two.  In the meantime, enjoy our new products as much as I do.  Seriously, they make me shriek in excitement.  It's probably good that you can't hear me.

So many hugs,

Amanda Scott

  • Lori vidak says...

    YOU look as amazing as your products!!!

    On Nov 25, 2016

  • Linda Scott says...

    What a beautiful should be very proud of the large Decals.Glotios they are!!!

    On Nov 24, 2016

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