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Mental Health Collection: Reflections, and exciting news!


Rebecca’s reflections:

Wow! I can’t believe the love and feedback we have received since the launch of the Mental Health Collection.  From family and friends to people that I don’t even know, to face to face conversations with individuals, to private messages, to comments made on the blog post and has shown me how much support I really do have when it comes to my mental health. 

One of my main goals for this collection was to get people talking about mental health, and that is exactly what it has done.  I am so amazed at how many other people there are that have gone through similar situations or have been dampened by their mental health in some way.  The fact they were able to come forward and share their story is humbling. 

One of the main things to remember: although we have attached the name of “The Mental Health Collection,” it is important to note that you do not need to have mental health issues in order to make use of these decals.  They are multi-purpose and can be constant reminders for just everyday living.

I hope that this will continue to encourage people to keep talking about mental health.  I know that we certainly aren’t finished with it. 

Rebecca  XO


Amanda’s reflections:

To echo Rebecca’s words, ‘wow’ is right.  The Mental Health Collection has been our most popular collection to date.  It resonates with you, our amazing community members.  It has started conversations, locally and online.  It is spreading out into the world and touching people that we don’t even know about.  That is simply amazing.  My heart is full and I am SO darn excited about what is coming next...

Where are we going next?

We want to feature other people who have struggled with their mental health, and are open and brave in telling their stories.  We also want to shine a spotlight on people who are helping others to work through the pain.  Our stories were one thing…but there are so many other beautiful, unique and inspirational stories out there, just waiting to be told.

How will we do this?  We will share their stories via blog posts on our website.  We are honoured and blessed to hold space for their words…you won’t want to miss it.  Watch our Facebook page and website for updates – our first guest post is arriving this week and it’s a gooder!



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