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Let go.

'Let go.'

'Let go of the need to control.'

'Let go. Go with the flow.'


These messages have come to me over the last couple of weeks. While they’re a bit disconcerting, they come in various forms: from my go-to healers, from good conversations with my sisters, from a random poster in a store.

It's kinda creepy.

But the message is getting through. I'm learning to let go.

What does that look like for me?

Trying to live in the moment. Not getting caught up in the future. While I like to plan, and know what's coming (don't we all??)'s taking too much energy to put my focus there.

Worries, stresses, anxiety. For me, these feelings always arise when I'm thinking about the future. Financial stress, business stress, relationship stress, family stress. When I find myself awake at 3am on any given night, it's usually because I'm thinking about this stuff.

It sucks balls.

(Yep, you read that correctly.)

The funny thing? My worries? They haven't even happened yet. They're not real.

They're not real.

Why am I wasting energy on this stuff?

Moving forward, I'm trying to consciously live in the moment. Focus on the good that is happening all around me. ‘What can I create? Who can I collaborate with? How can I anchor myself in the moment?’

Live for today, and also plan for the future. That dynamic dance between now and the future.

All with excitement. Gratitude. And by trying to live fully. (Skydiving anyone?!)

I know that you likely crave this too. With back to school, I’ve spoken with many moms who simply want to live in the moment with their kids. Enjoy it while their kids are still at home.

Let's let go of future expectations, and any worries or stresses that go along with that. Are you with me?

Let's let go...and see what happens. Even if it's scary AF.

Cheers to letting go,