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Keep Going Decal

How are you doing? Like, how are you really doing?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the never-ending lists? Do you feel like you’re doing so many things at once that you’re not really doing anything well at all? And underneath it all, are you also kind of an asshole to yourself, in your head?

I hear you sister.

I too, am experiencing those things. This past month has been a doozy. Hell, this past week has been well, hell. From my physical health to trying to figure out staffing to my slow-down in book’s been one of those weeks. And I take every opportunity to beat myself up about it: “I should know better, I should do better, I should BE BETTER.”

Big breath in. Big breath out. “Breathe, Amanda,” I tell myself.

And then I remember.

I remember that I have a ‘Keep Going’ folder, in my email. That’s right. Every time I get an encouraging email, or message, or photo? I screenshot it, email it to myself (with the subject line: “Keep Going - from _____ (name)”), and file it under my ‘Keep Going’ folder.

It’s as though I knew that I would need these at some point.

I go to that folder now. I start to click through the emails:

  • Happy photos of community members in their ‘don’t be a dick’ shirts, and with their happy, colorful decals all over the place.
  • Messages of “wow! That blog post was perfectly timed. Thank you!!” and “Your words bring me such comfort.”

The message that makes me ugly cry in my office? This one:

“Amanda, you bring a stellar energy to events. I see this going big, taking you far, and connecting many thousands. If I can help in anyway, please give me a shout.” - D

Like, ugly cry.

But in a good way.

Because sometimes, you just need the encouragement of sisters - and brothers - even if it’s uncomfortable to receive kind words (I’m looking at you, sister. And at myself too).

And it’s a good reminder for me, to keep flowing out the encouragement to everyone around me. You just never know when someone is going to need kind words.

My suggestion for you? Start your own ‘Keep Going’ email folder. And if you think: “Well nobody is going to send me encouraging words!” then sign up for our email list, by clicking on the "Newsletter Signup" button at the bottom of the page. I will be sending out a “Keep Going” email at 7am CST on Thursday, October 11th. It can be your very first encouragement email to file away.

Because you just never know when you’re going to need it.

And a side note: everyone feels this way. Some days are better than others. But the shiny, polished gurus that you see ‘out there?’ They absolutely, 100% feel awful sometimes.

Me? I’m just willing to talk about it, and acknowledge it. Because if we can’t talk about what’s really going on, how are we going to shift what’s possible in this world?

Lots of love and encouragement to you,


Amanda in new Grounded Goodness sweater

PS. Okay I just have to share this with you. One of the brightest spots in my week? When I got a sample of our soon-to-be-released new Grounded Goodness sweaters. Yes! Cozy sweaters for the winter. Before I even had this sweater completely on, I knew it was the right kind of sweater for us. “Oooooh. Soooofffftttt.” It’s a cozy, warm hug. And the sizing is bang on. I wore it for the rest of the day, and I want to wear it every day. I got raspberry juice and pen marks on it, and I still want to wear it. That’s when you know you’re on to something. (I couldn’t resist sharing this photo...even though it’s not a ‘polished’ photo, with the sweater wrinkles and it’s not even printed yet...this photo shows my joy and warmth and realness. And that’s what I want to share with you, because I know that you are joy and warmth and realness. Thank you for being here!)