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Hell yeah! A new direction for Grounded Goodness.

Grounded Goodness - Snowmen Community


There I was, wide awake at 3am, thinking about next steps for Grounded Goodness. Where should we go? What should we do? After the expansion, exposure, and joy of the road trip...what next?

A word flickered in my brain. Community. It hit me with such clarity that I breathed in sharply and accidentally sucked in my sweaty sheets (which is why I woke up in the first place). Yum.

Right. Community. Grounded Goodness is a company that builds community. Oh.

I used to think we were a company that spread goodness through our products (decals, tshirts, sweaters). And we were. Until now.

Now? We still spread goodness. But moving forward, we'll do that by building community for women: online and in-person. We'll keep our existing products and will develop new products, because they're fun and because they help us fund the community-building efforts. But we're switching gears to focus more fully on community.

Full disclosure: I'm not exactly sure how we're going to do this. And this is slightly overwhelming to me, TBH. You see, I always have this nagging bitch in the back of my head saying: "get your shit together. Don't let anyone see you sweat." (Do you have her in your head too? I'm willing to bet you do. I think there's a decal that can help with that.)

But here I am, saying that I don't have my shit together. And talking about my literal sweat. Heehee.

Because one thing I've learned, that's very important to building community? Being vulnerable makes all the difference. Admitting you don't have your shit together, that you're figuring it out. And that's actually okay. Because you can bet your butt that I'm going to figure it out.

Want to be part of it? :) If so, all you need to do is keep being you. Because you are already part of our community. I am honoured and thrilled that you are here, reading these words. I can picture you at your desk, drinking your coffee. Or on your couch, after your rugrats are in bed (whew, what a day). Your hair is slightly disheveled, just like mine is, but we both don't give a shit because we have the joy of coffee. Or wine. Depending on the time of day.

Are you excited to see what kind of community we can build together, moving forward? I am. I have a feeling it's going to be FUN. And who doesn't want a little more fun in their life?

As always, feel free to leave a comment below! What kind of community would you like to see through Grounded Goodness?

Lots of love,


PS. Over the next couple months, we'll be featuring guest blog posts from some of the wisest women I know! Keep your eyes peeled, as these women will be dropping some knowledge. This will be our first concentrated community-building effort...yay! So damn exciting!

PPS. The photo above captures the snowpeople community that my niece recently made on my front lawn. I thought it captured what we're trying to do, in a beautiful winter way. :)