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Flawed and Fabulous

Guess what?! I've asked a few women to write guest posts for our Grounded Goodness blog, and they have responded with love and generosity! Over the next few months, you will see their answers to this question: "What is one thing you would like women to know, right now?" This week's post features Fay Thompson, my trusted coach and friend. Hooray! - Amanda

Fay Thompson and Amanda Perrot

Flawed and Fabulous

by Fay Thompson

A client once asked me if I had ever gone through tough times.

She had a perception that my life was always perfectly joyous and wonderful. While that was flattering, it also made me realize that many of us are walking around thinking there is a perfect place to get to with our lives, and that, once we are there, will yield only heavenly, lovely experiences and freedom from upset, worry, and the icky-ness of life.

I hate to burst the bubble. (I kind of feel like I’m telling a kid Santa Claus isn’t real with this, but it must be said.) This place doesn’t exist. Perfection isn’t real. We have to let the illusion go.


Because it’s true… and it’s easier. Yes, it kills the fantasy, but it gives us the freedom to be flawed and fabulous all at the same time. This place, the place of being flawed and fabulous, is real and the more we embrace it, the more we open up to more kindness and possibility, and less judgment of ourselves and others.

The place that doesn’t exist – the perfection place – never allows for you to be flawed. You only get to be fabulous when you have no flaws. Ironically, that belief is flawed, because to tell someone (such as yourself, for instance) that you are not fabulous because of a flaw, is not fabulous. It’s mean. It’s nasty. And, it sure the hell is not perfect.

Amanda Perrot of Grounded Goodness asked me to write whatever message I would like other women to know. It is this! Give up perfection for being flawed and fabulous! It’s so much more fun. It’s also so much more kind, generous, and productive. It completely takes the pressure off of needing to be perfect. It’s also real, true, and will get you through the tough times.

Remember, there are many fabulous people out there, but not one of them is perfect. As women, let’s cut each other some slack when we recognize our flaws. Let’s hold each other up when we stumble instead of tear each other down. And, let’s not forget to do that for ourselves as well. If we do, we will be FABULOUS, and the flaws won’t matter so much or seem so hard to overcome.

Tough times come to even the most fabulous of people. It is the ones who recognize they are fabulous despite the tough times that get through them with grace. No matter what shit crosses your path, even if you step in it, if you remember it’s a fabulous person who stepped in it, then it will never devalue you or make you less than. It will only illuminate how fabulous you are to hold your head up high and laugh, while you find a place to wash it off.


Fay Thompson signing her new book


Yes!!! Isn't this a beautiful message? I've been putting this into practice ever since I read it, and I've noticed a difference: I am fabulous, damn it, and my flaws aren't that big of a deal.

Do you want to know more about Fay and her work? You can visit her website here (she's holding an upcoming course called "21 Days of Receiving and Allowing"). And she's recently released a new book: "So Help Me God: The Whole Crazy Truth About Life, Creation, and Being Unapologetically You." I've just started reading it, and I LOVE IT's a game changer.

Have any insights from reading this blog post? Leave a comment below...we would love to hear from you!

Hugs, Amanda