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Finding our way out of the roles we play...

At the end of our Eatonia event, one of the attendees came up to me.

“Thank you for coming to see us. Tonight was great! It made me realize how much I play the roles... of mom and wife and daughter… and how little I take time for myself, to be myself, with nobody else to look after but me. This evening let me do that. So thank you.”

Wow. Isn’t that simply beautiful? That awareness. Kudos to this woman, for attending the event and the effort that it required: organizing childcare, preparing food, planning out the evening with her husband.

It would have been ‘easier’ to not attend. But she felt drawn to the event, and for good reason...she knew it was time to choose something for herself.

Our Saskatchewan Sisterhood events are created for this reason: for women to simply be. To come, hang out, chat. To laugh, maybe cry, visit. That’s it.

As one Lucky Lake attendee wrote to us afterward: To be honest, I almost never went to the event. I thought there must be some sort of catch. Because who puts on an event just to connect and mingle? You are onto something! And we women need to consider ourselves more.


For me, I have trouble taking care of myself, healthwise. I go, go, go… but rarely take time to BE. Which is likely why I created these Saskatchewan Sisterhood events… because I was craving it. So I’m going to try to be more mindful of my health, and not fill the role of boss, sister, daughter, etc.

My question to you: have you considered yourself, and what you need, lately? This is not a question to induce more guilt.  We already have enough of that. It’s simply an invitation to ‘consider yourself’ outside of your conventional roles - in whatever way that looks to you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...I’d be thrilled to hear from you, as always!

Lots of love,