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Do you have courage to make a change?

(Photo credit: Karen Levesque)


‘Thank you for sharing your story.’

As I travel around the province, I keep hearing this comment...over and over.

This is directed not only at me, but at our panel speakers. Women who attend our events are often floored by at least one of the stories that they hear.

Why? Because they can relate. They KNOW what it’s like to already go through that story. OR they’re just starting that story.

Divorce. Quitting their job. Moving. Starting to date again, after a breakup. Deciding to get married. Deciding to adopt. Taking control of their finances.

I’ve also heard this: ‘If SHE made that change in her life...then maybe I can too.’

The courage to make change in our lives, for the better.

THAT’s scary as hell, isn’t it?

It requires 1) giving yourself permission to make a change, 2) letting others around you know that you’re making the change, and 3) making the change.

But here’s the thing: you CAN make the change. You can.

How do I know this?

Because other women have made the same changes before us. They have done it already. And THEY’RE thriving.

Maybe we just need to see that someone else has done it, to know that we can too. It may require research: books, blogs, social media posts. It may require reaching out to trusted friends/colleages/family: ‘hey, do you know of anyone that has decided to _____?

But it is possible.

So maybe...just and I can make the change too?

I’ll try if you’ll try. Deal?

Lots of love,


PS. I have learned to trust my intuition while speaking (during my summer road trip), and while writing (this blog post, for example). My intuition is telling me that you might need to hear this. So I hope it helps! :) Let me know if you have any insights, in the comments below!