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Community is the sh*t.

Are you a religious person? I’m not a religious person. Spiritual...but not religious. I was baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic as a kid, but I don’t go to church now. Whenever I’ve gone to church over the last 20 years, I just didn’t really feel great afterward. I guess I learned to trust my gut, and what worked for me, even at an early age.

However. This post is not about religion (well I guess we could also get into politics too! That could be fun! Just kidding!).

This blog post is about seeing the value in something even if you don’t agree with it.

The value in going to church became clear to me almost 10 years ago. One day, one of my friends said she was missing church (her family went to church well, religiously, when she was growing up...but she had gotten away from it). I offered to simply go with her, because I know the anxiety that can arise from walking into a new place full of new people.

A couple weeks later, she picked me up and we drove to church. I was a bit nervous, and I think she was too. We parked (Church parking lots are SO roomy!), and walked together toward the double doors.

Music was playing as we entered. We were greeted by the pastor (Priest? Reverend? I’m not sure how these things work.). We were greeted by a few older ladies, who knew that we were clearly new...but were thrilled to welcome us. We found seats in one of the back pews and settled in.

As the service started and ebbed and flowed, I settled in. There was something so calming about it. Peaceful. I actually really enjoyed myself.

Afterward, the family in front of us turned around and started chatting with us. They showed us their new baby and told us they just joined the church a few months before.

Everyone was just so nice. Actually, let me rephrase that: everyone was just so kind. Genuinely kind...the warmth, the goodness, that you can feel throughout your whole body.

We left, and as I settled in with a cup of tea later that afternoon, it hit me: whoa. That was community. Community. I had never really experienced it that powerfully before.

In that moment, I realized I needed to step back from my own judgment around church to see the beauty in it.

Let me repeat.

We need to step back from our own judgement around something, to see the beauty in it.

I still don’t go to church (ack, I can see Sister Angeline’s judgy eyes peering over her glasses in Grade 4), because I generally don’t find joy in’s stressful to me. But I can appreciate that it provides the space and connection for so many people around the world.

And that is my hope. That we, at Grounded Goodness, can provide community for us, and for you...both online and in person. That we can hold the space for connection. For fun. For laughter. For bonding over shared experiences. Community.

And that is why I’m very, very excited about my upcoming road trip around Saskatchewan. With 10 events in 7 weeks? It’s going to be ‘community on wheels.’ My hope is that women will come join me to just be. To chat. To laugh. To hold space for each other and themselves.

It’ll be like the traveling church. Except that feels gross. Nope, scratch that. It won’t be like church at all. I will swear WAY too much and the amount of wine drinking won’t be appropriate. Just to clarify.

(My church is a 'laughing-your-ass-off' kind of church...much like we did at our last Sisterhood event!)

Want to join me at one of our events, or follow along? Watch our spaces (our website, Instagram and Facebook). You won’t regret it.

I'm curious, what does community look like for you? As always, feel free to leave a comment below with your insight.