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Book Release! The WHY behind the book.

Can I tell you a story?

Last summer, I went on a comfort-zone-pushing, all-out road trip around our province of Saskatchewan. 5000 kilometers. 15 events with over 1000 women attendees. Hundreds of cups of coffee.

The initial goal? Co-host events for women, to create connection. Sell some shirts and decals. Have fun.

The outcome? Dramatic personal healing for me, after splitting from my husband a year earlier.

Right before I left on the road trip, I sat in my office trying to get all the things done. I sensed someone standing in my office doorway, so I quickly finished typing an email, hit “send,” and looked to my right. There was my Mom (and business partner), with her wide-eyed look…not the scared version: rather, the curious, “I have a question for you” version.

“What’s up Mom?”

“You know you’re going to need to write a book after this road trip, right?”

“Uh, what?”

“A book! To capture all your adventures!”

I returned her wide-eyed look, but mine was the scared version. A book?! What? Nah. I’m not a writer. I said “Uh, sure?” but quickly returned my attention to emailing event hosts. Mom knew better than I did at that point.

Then, I left home to go on my grand adventure. Adventures!

As the summer progressed, I thought: Huh. Maybe I should write that book, to capture all of this.

After I returned home after 47 days on the road, I barfed. Because I had physically hit a wall. I had found my physical, mental, and emotional limit.

But then.

From September to November, I wrote. And wrote. And wrote. Almost 70,000 words, cranking out of my brain and heart, through my hands, tapping on my laptop keyboard. Clickety-clack-click. Satisfying. And so much fun. I feel like a legit writer!

Then. The editing. Whoa. Editing. It’s a thing. With the help of the incredible wordsmith Tiffany Wolf via quite a few months of back and forth, we got it done.

Then. My procrastination. Whoa. Procrastinating. It’s a thing. I hesitated on getting the book out there. I’m no writer. I’m a big, fake fraud. My writing sucks. Who do I think I am? Or at least that’s why my ego said.

Ego, sit your ass down. You can stay because you always do, but my heart is in the driver’s seat right now. This loving but firm self-talk, combined with encouragement from my close peeps, propelled me forward into the next step.

The publishing. Whoa. Publishing. It’s a thing. While I’m technically self-publishing this book, I received help from the get-shit-done Fay Thompson.

And voila. Here it is!! On and Both paperback and Kindle versions.


I’m an author. Maybe not a Liz Gilbert-type-author (who happens to be releasing her latest book this week!). But an author, nonetheless. And I poured my heart out in the process.

47 Days: A Journey Back Home - book cover image

"47 Days: A Journey Back Home" is now out into the world. I'm thrilled and terrified to share myself with you. Because as my Mom says: "You shared all of you. You didn't hold back." (She's read it three times already! She knows.)

The book is for people – women, primarily – who are 1) in a crappy relationship, 2) getting out of a crappy relationship, and 3) on the other side of a crappy relationship. It's for women who want to avoid a crappy relationship. It's also for anyone who is dreaming of something more in their lives. Those seekers who are always seeking.

The road trip was the method, the vehicle, through which I healed after my crappy relationship. And this book is my attempt to capture it all. To create connection between me and you, the reader.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. There are lots of swears. There is a little TMI (too much information) in some places. But this is how I roll: honest, blunt, and full of swears. During the road trip, I often heard: “I like how real you are.” I’m embracing it.

While this book is beautifully imperfect (editing, it’s a thing), I need to get it out into the world. It may inspire some women to look at their relationships. It may inspire nobody to look at their relationships. And that’s okay. Because now? I feel whole. Whoa.

(This is not to say that I still don’t feel like barfing when I think of people reading this book. Because my lovely ego is still there, blink-blinking at me from the backseat of my life. And that’s okay.)

Curious? Get your paperback copy here, or your Kindle copy here.

Then. Biggest cheers to you, sitting down and reading it while sipping your wine, or your coffee, or both...I hope it makes you laugh out loud. :)

Lots of love,



Amanda with Saskatchewan flag

(Repping my Sask flag like a boss! Photo credit: Adrienne Perrot)