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Being authentically yourself.

Happy Monday everyone! As you know Amanda is in the midst of her Saskatchewan Sisterhood road trip right now so it’s Christy here, popping in with this weeks blog post.

When we were in the planning stages of the Road Trip, we had a pretty solid plan for how we were going to map out the summer months for this blog and the surrounding social media posts that would accompany them. This map has been working great, however we didn’t have a solid plan for how emotions and feelings were going to play a factor. After all, we didn’t want to project any feelings or preconceived notions on to the experience. When Amanda and I met last to talk about the weekly blog post, and then factored in her to-do list, this was one item that felt heavy for her. Heavy in the sense that it was hard to fit in with everything that was going on. She wondered if anyone would even notice that it was missing.  Guess what? I noticed. And if I noticed, I bet you probably did too! In particular, I noticed that I missed that weekly conversation about how her journey was going, how she was feeling, what thoughts and emotions were moving through her, as she was literally moving through the the province of Saskatchewan.

As I’m writing this, it’s Saturday morning (Aug 11). Upon waking I was thinking about the blog and I thought, maybe I could help her out with this one item, so here I am. Sharing my thoughts on what it means to ‘be authentically you’, the weekly theme that we had outlined for the blog for this week. Here we go!

The power of personal choice. The power of personal choice is one of the biggest keys to being yourself. Choosing how we want to be in any given moment is our greatest power. Here’s why.

I just spent the last 2 days celebrating a birthday with my immediate family. Upon reflecting on the time spent together I could see how I was as a child, how I was as a teenager, how I was as a young adult in a new relationship, how I was as a new mother, how I was as I started to explore personal development, spirituality, female empowerment, energetic healing…(the list really could go on here), and how I am now, and how that affected my relationships with the closest people that I have in my life. My family. The people that have loved me, supported me, cheered me on through every moment.

My choices have hurt people. There’s really no other way to say it. BUT, there is a but here. In whatever circumstances we are in, there are always emotions behind it that drive our behaviour. Past experiences where we have been hurt shape our reactions to future conversations and decisions. This awareness has led to a new sharing and almost explanation of the person I am today. I don’t want to live in relationships where I am not honouring myself and the other person in which I’m communication with.

Recognition and responsibility for my actions have been an awakening process. Setting intentions for my day has allowed me to be more mindful in everyday discussions, which has allowed me to draw the following conclusions:

We are all worthy of deep and receiving. When we do not honour ourselves and our journey/path/walk in this life it is hard to give that honour to others. When we share this honour there is almost a re-learning of the relationship.  Growth and healing have an opportunity to take place.

Developing a relationship with yourself that is curious, investigative, truthful, where there is a deep exploration of desires, needs and wants, are part of the path in becoming authentic. Where there is a journey of love, self-compassion, and patience. It’s not always easy, but it feels so f*cking fantastic when there is freedom in the decisions we start to make.  It also has a snowball effect. When we start choosing ourselves, then it becomes easier to BE OURSELVES.

There is one question that has been asked of me over the years, or maybe it's one that I’ve just noticed repeatedly but either way, it's a powerful one, and I share it with you in hopes that it has the positive influence that it has had on me.  

“But, do you feel free?” - Danielle LaPorte.

Answering that question in every moment of awareness.

Have you played with these types of questions? I would love to keep the conversation going, as always.  Thoughts/comments/questions? Please let me know!

Big hugs to Amanda for sharing this space with me.  Her support, kindness and genuine amazingness have been a huge part of my life this past year!