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Are you willing to fall deeply in love...with you?

This. This is exactly what I needed to read today, which makes me think you might need it too! This guest blog post is written by my older sister Amy, and I love how much love it conveys. It's a challenge and a we can't ignore anymore. Read on, my friend!

The background: I've asked a few women to write guest posts for our Grounded Goodness blog, by answering this question: "What is one thing you would like women to know, right now?" Here is Amy's response! 

Love, Amanda

 Amy and Amanda


Are you willing to fall deeply in love...with you?
by: Amy Tremblay

Close your eyes and picture someone you love dearly. Can you see their face? The lines by their eyes? The colour of their hair? The texture of their skin? Do you feel the flood of love in your body when you think about them? That warmth and depth?

Now, if I asked you to close your eyes and picture yourself, can you? Can you see the details of your face? Can you see your features? Do you feel the flood of love? The warmth and depth that you felt when thinking of your loved one?

The most intimate relationship we have in our lifetime is the one we have with ourselves. We live in this body. We experience life through a lens of past experiences and beliefs. We constantly listen to our brains. We perceive the world through our senses...our own hands, tongues, eyes, and ears. Yet, we are often distant from ourselves.

What a revolutionary thought! To fall deeply, head over heels in love with ourselves! To intimately know ourselves...what we want, what we need…and provide whatever it is. To own the awareness and own the action to provide for Ourselves allows one of the greatest relationships we will experience in this life.

Once we allow a relationship with ourselves - that great love - all other relationships enrich, deepen, clear and evolve. It provides a strong, solid foundation from which to live and love your life.

Today, I want you to know that you are amazing, imperfectly perfect, wondrous. Yes! Wondrous, thrilling, extraordinary...every line, fold, curve, spot, hair, sense, past hurt and struggle that sculpted you and brought you to now...extraordinary! Spend some time today with the person you can’t get enough of. (You really can’t get enough, because you are always with yourself. So why not completely love the experience?)

It’s ok to feel scared of that relationship. It’s often neglected and first. Allow the numbness, the anger, the meanness...and know that it won’t always be this way. Let it move through you to be replaced by loving kindness, sincere respect and deep knowing of how beautiful you truly are. It is simply a choice.

A choice to pursue a relationship - a love affair made of the stuff movies and media promote - with the most amazing person you will ever meet - YOU!!


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Amy has been a Chiropractor for 18 years, and is based out of Melfort, SK, where she lives with her family. She is now also diving into the world of intuitive coaching and is powerful. I highly recommend seeing her for a session if you've already done some personal development work and want to continue to uplevel your life.
Want more info? Follow her brand new Facebook Page Innate Love here! and join her Facebook community, where she leaves tidbits of encouragement and truth. Thank you Amy!
Hugs, Amanda
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