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Announcing: Grounded Goodness Sweaters!

Yeah we are. We're doing it. We're branching out into sweaters.

Why? Because winter's coming, and there's nothing like a cozy sweater to make a woman look hot during cold weather! (Seriously, these sweaters look great on women across the board. It's like the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater'-type magic. Mind. Blowing.)

We're keeping our same philosophy on these sweaters as we have for our t-shirts: Canadian-made, high quality, and fun & feisty. Loved the softness of our t-shirts? These are like t-shirts x a gazillion. (Just don't tell the t-shirts that...we don't want to make them sad.)

These Limited Edition sweaters will be available for pre-order from Wednesday, November 7th to Wednesday, November 14th, and that's it. This means that you can order online during this time. We will then print and ship your shirt after it's made...right to your door. And then you can't get them again.

So be sure to order between the 7th and 14th! And tell your friends, because they're going to be jealous (it's already happening in our office...we all want to get our hands on these). And what are friends for, right?! "Hook a sister up!"

Want to be the first to know when you can get your own?? Scroll down to the bottom of any page on our website (this one included), hit 'Newsletter Signup' and we'll send you updates...including when the sales open on Wednesday the 14th, at 10am CST. (It's such a limited window that we're literally timing it!)

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of one of the designs:

GG Own Your Brilliance Sweatshirt

And here's the kind of fun a person has when they wear these sweaters:

GG Sweatshirts - Having Fun

Any questions? As always, send us an email at We're happy to help!