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A perfect pairing: Infinite Creations and Grounded Goodness

You know those places that you go to and never want to leave?  

Infinite Creations in Humboldt is one of those places.  Tracy Refferscheid opened this gem in the middle of the prairies just over a year ago In Humboldt, Saskatchewan.  Infinite Creations is the latest store to sell Grounded Goodness products, and for that - we are so grateful.  

I first met Tracy two years ago when I went to see her for an intuitive session.  She told me she could see Grounded Goodness at tradeshows.  And hot damn, she was right.

Since then, I've come to know her as a genuine, kind and fun-loving woman, who is open to all kinds of possibilities - and she shares that enthusiasm with everyone she encounters.  If you ask her about any of the products the store carries (gems, aromatherapy, much awesomeness), she'll light up with excitement and share her knowledge about the product.  And she knows her stuff.

Tracy is proud that all of her suppliers are Canadian, and she is committed to supporting local artists and creators.  This is one of the reasons why we adore her - we share similar views on supporting local business.  

If you need a unique gift this Christmas, go see Tracy in Humboldt.  She'll hook you up (maybe with our decals?!), and you may never want to leave.  Just sayin'.

Thank you Tracy, for getting us.  You are generous and kind and as one of our decals says: 'We appreciate the crap out of you (not literally.  That would be gross.)."

So many hugs,


(Dreamcatchers galore.  And they're beautiful, as you can see.)

(Playing with singing bowls.  As one does.  So much fun!)

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