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A New Collaboration - Post 4 of 4

I was once told by a psychic medium that my struggle in this lifetime would be 'confidence.'  

"Aw, perfect!  Who doesn't want to struggle with that?  Sign me up!  Can I get two lifetimes worth of that please?"

(I didn't go back to that medium.)

So when I was hit with the idea for our brand new decal collection, I was determined to call it the Confidence Collection.  ("I will get that confidence no matter what, darn it.")

But it didn't quite fit.

Because I realized that there was no solid foundation beneath that confidence.  Where was it coming from?  I struggled with the decal sayings and phrases - they weren't working.  (I'm so grateful for Lana and her patience on this collaboration.)

And then.

It hit me.

Confidence comes from LOVING YOURSELF.  What?!?

Well, that makes sense.  If you love yourself, you can be confident.

Because loving yourself means 1) being kind to yourself, 2) being yourself despite what the outside world says to you, and 3) having attitude (the positive kind).


The words flowed and the collection came together.

I hope you love this Love Yourself Collection as much as I do.  It sits in a solid place in my heart.  My goal is that it helps you to love yourself too - even if in a small, simple way.


Hugs and gratitude,



P.S.  In my next lifetime, can I work on, like, trying to tame my crazy amounts of joy?  Like calming the joy down?  I'd be up for that challenge.

P.P.S.  The curtain has opened, the ribbon has been cut - the Love Yourself Collection is now officially launched!  Buy it here.  (see, that wasn't that long of a wait, was it?!)

P.P.P.S.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - for joining us here.  My heart is full.  We will keep going in our mission to spread goodness, so please check back on our blog regularly, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on the social media.  

P.P.P.P.S.  These decals work great as nose accessories.  

Photos by the talented Adrienne Perrot!  (seriously, she's got some skills)

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